As I am writing this, I am resting in my favorite place in the house – the sunroom. And, while it doesn’t have anything resembling typical office furniture, it’s the place where I feel the most comfortable and inspired. Not only am I able to look out to the horizon line and all the beautiful fall foliage, I am also relaxed on a comfortable couch cushioned with pillows and a throw.

The room was designed to have an outdoor porch appearance with wooden walls and ceiling in a heirloom shade of cream with two walls of windows. Even if it were windowless and enclosed, the room would be an inspiration because of the soft, cool colors of its decor. The couch I am relaxing on is the soothing shade of lemon pudding and is accessorized with flower pillows that match the block automen placed in the corner near the windows. A black, flower-patterned throw is resting on the arm beside me and above me are three beautiful quilt blocks that were made by my mother and framed for safe keeping. To some, they would simply be beautiful. To me, they are priceless and a reminder of the important things in life.

I have always felt that an important part of decorating is not just making things beautiful, but finding the items that remind you of what life is about and using them as your inspiration to create more beauty and warmth. If you start with love and family as your inspiration, you cannot help but give warmth to your home everyday and you will have that little source of comfort there at your fingertips when you need the reminder. With those items at hand, you will likely have a perfect accent color in mind as well as some idea about the type of accessories that will make your room a comfortable and inspirational place to work, relax, or remember.

Just a little thought from me, here below the quilted flowers.

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