The cool breeze, leaves all over the lawn, and sudden appearance of mums have all put me in the nesting mood where I seek my favorite blankets and comfort foods. Fall has always been my favorite season despite the fact that I love the fresh flowers of Spring. It’s hard to imagine that the very season that means the end of the blooms could possibly be my favorite and yet it is . . . for a lot of reasons.

I guess for me, Fall is the beginning of a cycle that I have always associated with family and feelings of warmth and comfort. In late September, early October, my family has always decorated the house in the warm shades of yellows, oranges, reds, and sage greens. We buy pumpkins, mums and straw bales to create a setting in the front yard. The maple trees rain their beautiful leaves all over the yard and a sort of peace is created which begins what is for us, the beginning of our holiday season.

It’s during this time of year, that I begin to see more of the family members that we seem not to connect with during the rest of the year. And, it’s during this time of year that our home moves from one seasonal or holiday decor to another.

Just yesterday, we took out our faux silk leaves in every autumn shade imaginable and placed them with candles and our Fall flower arrangements in various places throughout the house. The soft woven throws in autumn tones are draped on the couch and chairs inviting me to snuggle up and relax. Small gourds and pumpkins are placed in a carved wooden bowl. The fragrance they emit instantly infuse the air with a warm, spicy bakery scent. The cinnamon, clove and pumpkin are unmistakable and comforting.

Soon, we will add decorations to welcome the little neighborhood ghosts and goblins and just as quickly after the spider webs and tombstones are put away, we will pull out the pilgrims and turkeys to greet the Thanksgiving guest. No matter how cold or blustery the weather may get, the traditions give warmth to the soul.

It never ceases to amaze me how a very simple change of decorations can affect such a change in my frame of mind, but I always attain a sense of peace and happiness just from their presence. If only life’s larger problems could be altered in such a simple way. Oh well, until then I’ll just relax here amongst the mums.

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